Sharon Stone reveals encountering a ‘convicted felon’ and a guy with a staggering ‘20,000 heroin injections’ during her online dating escapades

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Sharon Stone recently shared her mixed experiences with online dating in a new interview. She revealed that she encountered a convicted felon and even a heroin addict who looked nothing like his picture. In one instance, she had to make a quick exit from a date at the Hotel Bel-Air when she realized her date was drinking absinthe while she opted for water.

Despite these negative encounters, Stone also mentioned some positive experiences she had with dating apps during the pandemic. She became a sort of therapist for two individuals going through tough times in their relationships. One man was dealing with a divorce, while the other had recently broken up with his girlfriend who had gotten pregnant. Stone found it rewarding to help them process their emotions.

Looking ahead, Stone expressed her hopes of finding love in 2024. She believes that love happens unexpectedly, when you least expect it. Instead of having a checklist for a partner, she prefers to let things happen naturally. She believes that people who actively search for a relationship may be missing out on the genuine connection that can develop organically over time.

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