Soccer- Dragusin set to make debut start for Tottenham against Fulham

Soccer-dragusin to make first start for tottenham at fulham
Soccer-dragusin to make first start for tottenham at fulham
Radu Dragusin, the promising Romanian defender, is set to make his first start for Tottenham Hotspur in their upcoming Premier League clash against Fulham on Saturday. Since joining the team from Genoa in January, Dragusin has had limited opportunities to showcase his skills on the pitch. However, manager Ange Postecoglou has shown unwavering faith in the young defender, believing that he can bring a fresh dynamic to the team. In the previous match against Aston Villa, Dragusin was brought on as a substitute for Micky van de Ven and impressed with his performance. While there were initial concerns about Van de Ven’s injury, it has been confirmed that it is not serious, and he is expected to make a swift recovery. This news will undoubtedly provide relief for Tottenham fans, as Van de Ven has been a key player for the team. With a win against Fulham, Tottenham has the opportunity to climb up to fourth place in the league table. This would be a significant achievement for the team, as they aim to secure a spot in European competitions for the next season. The inclusion of Dragusin in the starting lineup could potentially provide the defensive stability and versatility needed to secure a crucial victory. Furthermore, there is a glimmer of hope for Tottenham as Brazilian striker Richarlison may make his return from a knee injury and be available for the match. Richarlison’s presence would undoubtedly bolster Tottenham’s attacking prowess and provide additional options for the team’s offensive strategies. As Tottenham prepares for their match against Fulham, all eyes will be on Radu Dragusin as he steps onto the pitch for his first start. With the support and confidence of his manager, Dragusin has the opportunity to prove himself and make a lasting impact on the team. The potential return of Richarlison further adds to the excitement surrounding this crucial Premier League clash.

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