Thiago Motta opts for Bologna instead of Inter and refers to it as a ‘serpent’

Thiago motta on bologna picks with inter and ‘serpent’ description
Thiago motta on bologna picks with inter and ‘serpent’ description

Motta acknowledged the significance of these previous victories against Inter but stressed the need for his team to stay focused and not underestimate their opponents.

The outcomes were undeniably significant for our team, however, we must not depend entirely on previous achievements. Inter is a strong team with talented players, and we must approach this match with the same determination and intensity as before. We cannot afford to become complacent.”

Motta also discussed the importance of maintaining a strong defensive structure against Inter’s attacking prowess.

“Inter has some exceptional attacking players, and we need to be organized and disciplined defensively. We must work as a unit and be aware of their movements and runs. It will be a challenging task, but I have confidence in our defensive capabilities.”

In terms of Bologna’s attacking strategy, Motta emphasized the need for creativity and unpredictability.

“It is essential for us to adapt and be flexible in our offensive strategy. We cannot rely on one player or one style of play. We must be able to adapt and surprise our opponents. This requires creativity and intelligence on the field.”

Motta also expressed his admiration for Inter’s coach, Antonio Conte, and the work he has done with the team.

“Conte’s coaching abilities are outstanding, and his achievements with Inter have been truly remarkable. They are a well-organized and disciplined team, and we must be prepared for a tough battle. It will be a great challenge for us, but we are ready to give our best.”

In conclusion, Motta emphasized the importance of this match for Bologna’s season and the need for his players to give their all on the field.

The outcome of this game holds utmost importance for us as it directly impacts our objectives for the season. We want to continue our positive momentum and secure a positive result against a strong opponent. I have faith in my players, and I know they will give everything they have on the field. We are ready for this challenge.”

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