UK television Ratings : ‘ Love Island: All Stars’ Transition To Principal Channel Neglects To Receive Rewards

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ITV’s decision to add Love Island: All Stars to the main schedule was unsuccessful, with just one million people watching the opening show on ITV 1 last night and a further 500,000 on ITV 2. did.

Less than 12% of all viewers watched the new spin-off, with actors who have been popular on Love Island in the past, including Liberty Pool, Georgia Steele and Chris Taylor, who recently appeared in Barbie, returning to watch the new spin-off. will appear.

As with previous winter editions, All Stars is set in South Africa. Last year’s winter edition launched on ITV 2, but both channels had just 100,000 viewers compared to last night’s numbers. According to Barb data from, ITV’s last Love Island Summer started in June with his 2 million to his 1.3 million.
All Stars received plums at 9 p.m. GMT (1pm PT) to 10:30pm GMT timeslot on ITV 1, but it was miles behind BBC One’s Silent Witness.

More to the point, it was no match for Channel 4’s rebroadcast of 24 Hours in Police Detention, which had over 200,000 viewers.

ITV took the same approach as Big Brother. The revival began on ITV 1 earlier this year, before the rest of the series moved to ITV 2. At first he had 2.5 million, but on average he had a little less than 1 million.

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