Wendy Mitchell, author and advocate for dementia awareness, has passed away

Wendy mitchell, author and advocate for dementia awareness, has passed away

Author and dementia awareness activist Wendy Mitchell has died. Author and dementia activist Wendy Mitchell has died. Author Wendy Mitchell passed away after a long battle with dementia, leaving behind his final message announcing his own death.

Ms Mitchell, 68, rose to fame as a best-selling author after being diagnosed with early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in July 2014 while working as an on-call carer in the NHS.

In her posthumous message online, she expressed her determination to stop eating and drinking. “If you’re reading this, my daughters probably posted this after my sad death.”

“Eventually I decided to stop eating and drinking,” Mitchell said. said. I have written. “The last cup of tea… the last hug in the cup, the hardest thing to let go of, much harder than the food you didn’t want to eat… this decision was not made lightly like others , you’ll find out later. Read it to her: “Dementia is a cruel disease that distorts human existence.” I’ve been trying to change because that’s how I cope. Well, I think dementia was the ultimate test.

“Yes, dementia is tough, but what a life it’s been, fighting this enemy and trying to stay on top.”

Mitchell lives in Walkington, East Yorkshire. He wrote his highly acclaimed memoir, “Somebody I Used To Know.” “What You Need to Know About Dementia” follows him four years later. Her upcoming book, One Last Thing: Living With The End In Mind, will be released in paperback next week. She also expressed her thoughts on euthanasia, saying, “Unfortunately, euthanasia is not an option in this country.” Especially when you consider how important death is as it affects everyone, regardless of their background. “It’s surprising that it isn’t.” “If you read my book, One Last Thing, you’ll see why I’m such a strong advocate of euthanasia. The only decision we should not make is the one we are born with. In other respects, we humans should have a choice: how we live and how we die. ”

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