Exclusive photoshoot: Celebrating Holi in Delhi with Akansha Ranjan

Akansha Ranjan, the talented actor, had a blast celebrating Holi with HT City in Delhi. She graciously posed exclusively for us at Lodhi Garden, adding a touch of color to the festivities. When asked about her favorite part of Holi and its connection to the capital, Akansha shared her thoughts. Shooting for Holi was an absolute delight! Although it was a bit challenging to walk in heels, the pictures turned out beautifully, making all the effort worthwhile. Interestingly, this was my first time celebrating Holi in Delhi, and it was made possible by HT City. While I do love Holi, I am conscious about conserving water, so I tend to skip the water element. However, I thoroughly enjoy the vibrant colors, spending time with loved ones, and indulging in delicious food. My building always throws an incredible Holi party, and I genuinely have a great time. The festive vibe is what I cherish the most. Waking up to the sound of music playing in all the buildings is something I truly adore. It brings back childhood memories. Back in the day, during school and college, Holi parties were the highlight. I remember being filled with excitement for those gatherings. We used to apply oil to our hair and bodies before heading to someone’s house to celebrate. Music, colors, and of course, the balloon fights were all part of the fun. Those memories of childhood always stay with us during Holi. Personally, I always look forward to having peda, which is a staple for both Diwali and Holi. Additionally, I can’t resist indulging in pani puri and all the other mouthwatering delicacies. While gujiya is not a tradition for me in Mumbai, I know it holds significance in Delhi. Regardless, every festival is incomplete without delicious food for me. I let go of my diet during Holi and Diwali to fully enjoy myself. I absolutely adore the food scene in Delhi! It’s not just about the street food, but also the amazing bars and restaurants. There are countless hidden gems to explore, especially when it comes to cafes. Take Olive Bar, for instance – I find the Delhi outlet much better than the one in Bombay. The weather is always pleasant, allowing you to dress up and enjoy the day. I used to frequent Khan Market a lot in the past. While my uncle visits Lodhi Garden daily for a walk, I’ve only been there once during an HT shoot. Delhi holds a special place in my heart as my family is from there. My naani, maamu, cousins, and even second cousins reside in Delhi. Being close to my maternal side, I often visit the city. In fact, my entire childhood was spent in Delhi, creating countless memories.

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