Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have chosen to lead separate lives following her absence from the Oscars

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Ryan Gosling experienced the pinnacle of his career at the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10. The renowned actor, nominated for Best Supporting Actor, captivated the audience with a powerful performance of his chart-topping and Oscar-nominated song “I’m Just Ken” from the movie’s soundtrack. Esteemed celebrities like Margot Robbie and Emma Stone enthusiastically joined in the celebration, while industry veterans lauded him for his groundbreaking display. Despite the electrifying atmosphere, one notable absence was Ryan’s wife, Eva Mendes. According to an insider, her nonattendance raised eyebrows among attendees. Although the 50-year-old actress was seen backstage earlier and later expressed her admiration for Ryan on social media, her absence at such a significant event hints at underlying issues in their 13-year relationship. The couple, parents to Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 7, are reportedly facing challenges related to jealousy and disagreements about expanding their family. The source reveals that Ryan and Eva rarely attend events together, making the Oscars a rare exception that underscored the distinct paths their lives have taken. Behind closed doors, Eva is said to harbor feelings of resentment towards Ryan. In 2012, she made the decision to prioritize motherhood and marriage over her acting career. “Eva has made significant sacrifices to support Ryan and be a devoted mother to their daughters,” the source explains. As Ryan’s professional success continues to soar, Eva grapples with feelings of insecurity and mistrust. The source notes that while Ryan immerses himself in his work and socializes with colleagues on set, Eva is left to manage household responsibilities and childcare without much of a social life. Their extended stay in Australia during Ryan’s filming of “The Fall Guy” alongside Emily Blunt exacerbated these feelings, isolating Eva from her support network and fueling jealousy. Although Eva finds fulfillment in her hands-on approach to parenting, the demands of managing a household single-handedly can be overwhelming. It hasn’t been easy for her to take on the role of primary parent while Ryan pursues his acting career,” explains the source. “She loves being a mother and supporting Ryan, but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging at times.” Now, the cracks are starting to show publicly. On the night of the Oscars, the Hitch actress shared a post on Instagram of herself posing backstage in the pink bedazzled blazer that Ryan wore. The caption read, “You took Ken all the way to the Oscars, RG. According to the source, the choice of words used to convey the message of “Now come home, we need to put the kids to bed” was considered peculiar. “It almost felt like she was nagging him. Couldn’t she have just let him enjoy the rest of the evening? Ryan is the one who establishes the dynamics in their relationship, as stated by the source. “Although it may not be readily apparent, he possesses a strong sense of control and determines the course of their public existence,” the source reveals. “He insists on maintaining an ultra-private image, and from the beginning, he was the one who decided that they wouldn’t appear together in public.” The source reveals that Ryan He was more emotional and introspective than he was outwardly. He lived alone in his own home until Eva gave birth to their first child. That kind of reveals his true personality,” says the source. It was his decision to not announce their marriage, adds the source. Eva referred to Ryan as her husband during an interview in 2022, but apart from that, they don’t publicly acknowledge their marital status. “Ryan is extremely private,” says the source, “so there’s a lot of mystery surrounding them as a couple. The fact that they seem to lead separate lives only adds to the intrigue.” Eva is starting to assert herself on certain issues. The source reveals that Eva wants to move away from Hollywood. Ryan doesn’t want to relocate for his career, while Eva doesn’t have a career, so she says they should move out of L.A.

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