The Straight Region’s own Ariel Marin and her accolade for Sade to play two private shows at Blue Note in Napa

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Although “Smooth Operator” singer Shard is not currently on tour, fans can once again rejoice and enjoy her music at singer Ariel Marin’s upcoming shows. The daughter of a professional rock singer, Marin spent much of her youth hanging out with countless Bay Area royalty. As her four-octave voice proves, she can handle just about any genre.

Their upcoming show will feature songs from Sade’s storied back catalog including (but not limited to) “Diamond Life,” “Promise,” “Stronger Than Pride,” “Love Deluxe,” and “Lovers Rock.” Music will be featured and a band will lead the way. By power producer James “Jay E” Early.

You can expect hits and fan favorites like “Smooth Operator,” “No Ordinary Love,” “Paradise,” “Is It A Crime,” “Your Love Is King,” “Sweetest Taboo,” and more.

For the uninitiated, the Ariel Marin Band performs throughout the region, with all members having a combined 30 years of performing experience. Again, they excelled at playing Motown, Top 40 classics, rock, pop, folk, country, R&B, gospel, and jazz.

I met Ariel while preparing for an upcoming show in Napa.

Bohemian: What inspired you to write a tribute to Sade’s music?

Ariel Marin: I’ve loved Sade since I was a child. I was blown away by her unique smoky tone, timeless sound, and breathtaking features. Because I appreciate her physically, a coincidence happened and I was offered the opportunity to honor her at her concert. I gratefully received it.

Bohemian: How long has this homage been live?

Ariel Marin: Launched in 2020. Initially, it was planned to be a live concert, but it was suddenly changed to a streaming concert. Needless to say, it was a huge hit! After the world reopened, the show was regularly booked at premier venues such as Yoshi’s (Auckland) and Blue Note, as well as various festivals and resorts.

Bohemian: Are there more shows planned for 2024?

Ariel Marin: Absolutely! Currently on tour nationwide. The location is currently being arranged. We want to bring it to Sonoma County.

Bohemian: Did you and the rest of the band actually see Shard live when she was on tour?

Ariel Marin: Short answer. yes! My viola player Keith Lawrence toured with Said & John

Legends and Amy Winehouse. My drummer is Juan Escobedo (Sheila E’s younger brother), who comes from the famous Escobedo family. They have toured with Prince and countless other world-famous artists. My music director, James “J.E.” Early, was a multi-platinum selling producer for MC Hammer. He also produced En Vogue, One Voice, David Bowie, and my latest single “Supa Supa.” This video is currently available on YouTube. I will complete my debut album this year. My saxophonist Jimmy Weaver has been touring professionally in Japan for years and my current drummer Pierre Parker has toured with Lenny Williams (Tower or Power) . This show at the Blue Note is going to be great.

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