Cart Parton Declares Surprise New Music for Her 78th Birthday celebration: ‘ Going to Give You a Present’

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Happy birthday, Dolly Parton!
The country legend shared an Instagram grid post on Friday for his 78th birthday, in which he revealed he was celebrating the day in style with new music.
“Dear fans and friends, today is my birthday and I’m giving you a present!” she began the message written on the photo she posted.
Parton continued, “For my birthday, I’d like to share with you four unreleased songs from the Rockstar album, as well as others that aren’t on the album that you may have heard before. I’m releasing some songs from ,” an excited fan sent this. In the comments section of her post, the star congratulated her on her first album release last November, writing, “Happy Birthday Dolly!!”
“I’m so happy to finally be releasing my first rock’n’roll album, “Rockstar”! “
I’m so honored and privileged to have worked with some of the most legendary singers and musicians of all time. It was an immense joy to sing all the legendary songs from the entire album,” she said. Press release time.
Meanwhile, it seems that even members of the royal family are not immune to Parton’s charms, as she recently revealed that due to scheduling conflicts, she had to turn down an invitation for afternoon tea from none other than Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.
K. Outlet Saga Earlier this month, the star said of meeting the Princess of Wales: “I was honored and flattered that she asked me out.” “She’s about more than just work,” she said. Afterwards, the “Jolene” singer told the outlet that she would jump at the chance to have tea with Kate. whether the King will extend the offer again in the future;
Parton even has ideas for what she’ll say about her passion for helping children, which the two of them share.
The country’s legend and Princess of Wales has launched some hugely successful initiatives for disadvantaged children.
Ms. Parton founded her Imagination Library in 1995, and since its founding, it has given away 200 million books to children around the world. Meanwhile, Kate, 42, has created several programs that focus on the importance of early childhood development in the United States.
K., Parton added that she is a big fan of the British royal family who recently underwent abdominal surgery.

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