Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald brings together laughter and tradition at Comedy Works for St. Paddy’s Day

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Fitzgerald has worked at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital for 41 years.
Fitzgerald has worked at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital for 41 years.
Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, a seasoned comedian and veterinarian, believes that the Irish have a natural talent for storytelling. He is excited to share his own raucous stories during his St. Patrick’s Day show at Comedy Works. He guarantees a festive holiday gathering brimming with Irish humor and lively tunes. Fitzgerald is well-known for his appearances on Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets and E-Vet Interns. Growing up in Denver during the 1950s, he attributes his love for comedy and storytelling to his Irish Catholic family. In his family, telling a good story was a necessary skill to earn a seat at the big table during Thanksgiving. As he got older, the stories became wilder, funnier, and more heroic. While Fitzgerald’s animated family gatherings influenced his path towards entertainment, the landscapes of Denver have also shaped his comedic style. Despite living in other places, he always finds his way back to Denver because he considers himself a true “Colorado guy.” He is grateful that his veterinary profession has been a gift, providing him with great material and jokes. Although not all of his jokes revolve around being a veterinarian, he does have some entertaining bits about it. Fitz’s dedication to both comedy and veterinary medicine has made him a well-rounded individual with a unique perspective on life. His ability to balance his passion for making people laugh with his commitment to caring for animals is truly admirable. Fitz’s journey from open mic nights at Comedy Works to becoming a respected comedian and veterinarian is a testament to his hard work and determination. His love for both professions shines through in his work, and he continues to inspire others with his talent and expertise in both fields. Fitz’s story is a reminder that pursuing your passions can lead to a fulfilling and successful career.

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