Nicole Eggert bravely decides to shave her head while undergoing treatment for breast cancer

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Nicole Eggert shaves her head amid treatment for breast cancer
Nicole Eggert shaves her head amid treatment for breast cancer
Nicole Eggert has provided an update on her health following her recent breast cancer diagnosis. The beloved “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to share a video of herself shaving her head. In the heartwarming footage, Eggert’s 12-year-old daughter, Keegan, can be seen assisting her mom with the back of her head. To add a touch of inspiration, she chose the Beastie Boys’ song “Fight Your Right” as the background music for the video. With a smile on her face, Eggert gently ran her hands over her newly-shaved scalp. In the caption of the video, she shared a quote by Madeleine Eames: “Maybe healing involves not so much changing ourselves but allowing ourselves to be who we are.” Alyssa Milano, a fellow actress, commented on the post, expressing her admiration for Eggert’s grace and finding inspiration in her journey. Jennie Garth, another well-known actress, sent Eggert a virtual hug to show her support. Jillian Barberie, a breast cancer survivor herself, also left a comment, emphasizing the liberating feeling of shaving one’s head and commending Eggert for her honesty, integrity, and strength. Throughout her cancer treatment, which has included chemotherapy, Eggert has been sharing updates with her followers. Last month, she initially cut her hair short and shared a message about staying ahead of fears and not letting cancer defeat her. Eggert first revealed her breast cancer diagnosis in December 2023.

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