Explore the Intricate Fantasy Multiverse Fashioned by Sarah J. Maas

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It’s a freezing Monday night in January, and the line outside the Book Club Bar in the East Village of Manhattan stretches down the block. The reason? A midnight release party for Sarah J. Maas’ latest book, House of Flame and Shadow, the third installment in her Crescent City series. But here’s the twist—Maas herself is on her way to surprise her dedicated fans who have braved the cold to be the first to get their hands on her book.

Dressed in a stunning black Valentino skirt that sparkles like starlight, Maas enters the bar an hour later. Initially, the fans are too engrossed in their themed drinks and trivia games to notice her arrival. But then, the room erupts in cheers and applause. “I think tonight will be one of the best nights of my life,” Maas beams as we catch up at the second stop of the evening, a Barnes & Noble where an even larger crowd awaits her midnight countdown. Some fans have gone all out, donning Crescent City cosplay complete with flowing wigs and fae ears. “There’s such a positive energy.”

It may sound a bit cheesy, but who can blame Maas for getting caught up in the moment? She has already sold over 38 million copies of her books worldwide and has become a fantasy fiction powerhouse. Her three best-selling series—Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR), and Crescent City—have played a significant role in the meteoric rise of a new subcategory in the genre: romantasy, a blend of romance and fantasy that has taken the literary world by storm. On BookTok, the reader-centric corner of TikTok that holds immense influence in the publishing industry, Maas’ books have become a sensation.

The ACOTAR hashtag alone has an impressive 8.5 billion views on the app. Users are sharing everything from podcasts discussing intricate plot points to fitness challenges, tattoos, and even immersive in-person events inspired by the series. This surge in popularity has led to a significant increase in demand for Maas’ books, with her publisher, Bloomsbury, reporting a 79% sales boost in the first half of 2023. It’s been compared to the “Harry Potter effect” and marks a critical point in Maas’ career and writing. This ambitious move connects two of her fantasy worlds, creating an overarching multiverse that encompasses her 15-plus books. It’s a momentous occasion for Maas and the publishing industry, but not without its risks. While her upcoming book is sure to be a best-seller, there’s always the question of what comes next. Can she continue to surpass her own success? This is something that her dedicated fanbase has eagerly anticipated. As the release of House and Flame and Shadow approaches, the excitement surrounding the expansion of the Maas-verse is tangible. It’s clear that as long as her readers have a say, Maas is here to stay.

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