Recap of the Season Premiere of Vander pump Rules:”We Know What He Did Last Summer”

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The first episode after the #Scandoval season was bound to receive mixed reactions. With the shocking twists and turns and the rise of citizen journalism, it was impossible to please everyone. However, this episode manages to meet our expectations quite well. Primarily, it serves as a recap, updating us on the events three months after the reunion and introducing us to a new dynamic of alliances and friendships. Yet, it also brings a fresh feel to the show.

Firstly, the production value seems to have increased. Whether it’s the way the scenes are shot or the postproduction work, there is a noticeable touch of glamour and sophistication. It reminds me more of shows like Selling Sunset or The Hills, rather than the previous seasons set in less impressive WeHo apartments where using the microwave and air conditioner simultaneously was a challenge, and the buried transformer threatened to cause chaos.

Moreover, there is a shift in the topics being discussed. Initially, Vanderpump Rules revolved around the staff of a unique and alluring restaurant, known for its goat-cheese balls and Pinot Grigio. Then, it focused on a group of individuals who continued to associate with the restaurant despite their newfound fame. Later, it explored the lives of young entrepreneurs who frequented SUR while pursuing their other ventures. However, with the rise of #Scandoval, the show transformed into something else entirely. Ariana mentions Tom’s involvement in another reality show, and we anticipate her own participation in Dancing With the Stars. She even shares amusing anecdotes about Tom’s assistant, Ann, who not only has to endure daily conversations with Tom but also had to repair a broken penis flute.

Overall, this episode sets the stage for an exciting season ahead, with its improved production quality and evolving storyline.

Schwartz discusses the unpleasant experiences he has been facing, with people booing him on the street and causing trouble at Schwartz & Sandy’s bar. What surprises everyone is when Lala openly mentions the name of the show and reveals that her ex’s main concern in their custody agreement is whether their daughter, Ocean, will appear on Vanderpump Rules. It is clear that these individuals are no longer pretending to work in any other field besides reality television. The tabloid world has become their reality, and this poses a challenge for the show as well. However, I must admit that I enjoyed the not-so-subtle portrayal of James and Ally in their Burbank backyard, with the constant noise of planes landing at the nearby airport. No matter how famous these individuals become, they will never live in Villa Rosa, a venue that serves as both an event space and assisted-living facility.

Since this episode is primarily focused on catching up, let’s do just that! Tom is currently filming Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test and is being supported by JoJo Siwa, but he still shares a house with Ariana. His room appears to be a sad bachelor pad, with an unmade bed and overflowing hampers. On the other hand, Ariana’s room down the hall resembles that of someone who hoards clothes at an early stage. She informs us that Tom wants to buy her out of the place, but she is refusing, seemingly out of spite. The matter is now in the hands of the courts.

White Kanye, on the other hand, has stopped drinking and is enjoying his life near the airport with Ally. I’m not sure if there is much overlap between fans of comics and Bravo, but for my fellow X-Men enthusiasts, it’s as if Raquel is Dark Phoenix Jean Grey, and Ally is Madelyne Pryor, her exact clone who is just waiting to transform into the Goblin Queen one day. Additionally, if everyone on the show refers to her as Raquel, then we will follow Vander pump house style and do the same, I suppose.

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