Heavy metal vocalist successfully raised $29,000 to provide security for Matisyahu following demonstrations by pro-Palestinian groups

American jewish singer matisyahu, performing at the sacred music festival in the old city of jerusalem
American jewish singer matisyahu, performing at the sacred music festival in the old city of jerusalem

The fundraiser has garnered support from fans and fellow musicians alike, with many praising Draiman for taking action to ensure Matisyahu’s safety and freedom to perform without fear of intimidation. The solidarity shown within the music community has been heartening, with artists coming together to support one another in the face of adversity.

The “Matisyahu Defense Fund” has not only provided financial assistance for increased security measures, but it has also served as a symbol of unity and resilience in the face of discrimination and hate. By standing up for one another and standing against bigotry, Draiman and Matisyahu are sending a powerful message that music should be a unifying force, not a divisive one.

As the tour continues, Matisyahu can now perform with the peace of mind that he and his family are protected, thanks to the generosity and support of those who believe in standing up for what is right. The success of the fundraiser is a testament to the strength of the music community and the power of solidarity in the face of adversity. Instead of the show at the Rialto Theatre, Matisyahu put on a free show limited to an audience of 300 at another venue in Tucson, where they collected donations The Hostage and Missing Families Forum, an organization dedicated to advocating for the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, held a significant event recently. This event was part of their ongoing efforts to raise awareness and support for the cause. Meanwhile, the renowned musician Draiman and his band, Disturbed, are currently on their “Hold the Fire” tour, which will continue until August. Additionally, Matisyahu performed at the UC Theatre in Berkeley, where a small pro-Palestinian protest took place outside the venue. It is important to note that the UC Theatre is not affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. The theater, in collaboration with Berkeley’s mayor’s office and police department, ensured the event’s security and safety.

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