Hillary Clinton responds to the Oscars snub of Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig, acknowledging their immense talent and stating, “Both of you surpass any limitations.”

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Hillary Clinton has offered her support for Barbie director Greta Gerwig and lead actress Margot Robbie after they were rejected from the Oscars.
On Tuesday, the blockbuster film was nominated for a total of eight Oscars, including Best Picture.
However, Robbie was not nominated for Best Actress, and Greta Gerwig was not nominated for Best Director.
Robbie’s co-star Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Ken, and America Ferrera also won the award.
Nominated for Best Supporting Actress.
Both actors shared Clinton’s sentiments in statements celebrating her nomination.
‘‘In a year full of great films, I am deeply honored to have been nominated by my colleagues alongside such remarkable artists,‘‘ Gosling said in a statement.
‘‘ But there would be no Ken without Barbie, and no Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the driving forces behind this historic and globally acclaimed film.
‘‘ Robbie and Gerwig were not nominated for an Oscar.
“I’m so proud of this Ken Barbie,” she added.

It’s disheartening to see the Oscars snubbing talented individuals like Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig. Hillary Clinton recognizes that both of you are incredibly talented and deserve recognition for your outstanding work. You are both so much more than what the awards may suggest. Keep shining bright!

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