Indian model Poonam Pandey faked her death to raise awareness about cervical cancer

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Reality TV star reveals social media stunt and says she’s proud of ‘what Death News was able to accomplish’ Fake her own death in a publicity stunt to raise public awareness of cervical cancer An Indian model has defended her actions in a social media post, saying she was proud of her “death news” accomplishment.

Reality TV star and former Bollywood actor Poonam Pandey, 32, shot to fame in 2011 by promising to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the Cricket World Cup. It is said that he died on the 1st. Friday.

In a statement that appears to have come from her management team, her 1.3 million followers on Instagram were informed: We are very sad to announce the loss of our beloved Poonam to cervical cancer. All creatures that came into contact with her were welcomed with pure love and kindness. Her team confirmed in a media statement that Pandey “bravely battled the disease” but “tragically passed away.” “Her unwavering spirit amidst health challenges was truly remarkable,” manager Nikita Sharma told reporters. Proactive measures are urgently needed,” he added.

Pandey’s colleagues and co-stars shared their sorrows and sorrows on social media, and many news of his death were posted, but a photo of Pandey looking healthy was posted on social media, and the media reported that he was seen boating in Goa four days ago. Some were skeptical, pointing out that he had enjoyed it.

She later apologized, saying that Pandey admitted in her video that she was “not dead,” which shocked her followers.

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“Yes, I faked my death” .Extreme, I know. But all of a sudden we started talking about cervical cancer, right?” Pandey said. “I’m proud of what my death accomplished.”

“Unlike other cancers, cervical cancer is completely preventable. HPV vaccination and early detection are key.” Test. We have the resources to make sure no one dies from this disease. We need to empower each other with critical consciousness and ensure all women know the steps they need to take. Let’s let them know.”

She then asked her followers to “#DeathToCervicalCancer.”

According to the World Health Organization, India accounts for almost a quarter of the number of cervical cancer cases worldwide, with more than 200 women dying from cervical cancer every day.

Health campaigners are calling on the Indian government to introduce nationwide HPV vaccination for girls. In the UK, this led to an 87% reduction in the incidence of cervical cancer among women in their 20s who were vaccinated between the ages of 12 and 20. .

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