Inside Machine Games’ Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Experience

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has been announced for 2021, and a new trailer reveals it all today. It will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass later this year. Being the first indie game in several years, this generated enough hype to fill the Raiders of the Lost Ark camp. Developed by Bethesda’s MachineGames studio,
The Great Circle is set in his 1937 year between Raiders and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where nefarious forces seek to harness the powers associated with the mysterious Great Circle. Masu.
.com interviewed his game director Jerk Gustafsson about his “amazing” opportunity to create a great circle of Indy’s signature weapons into the game, and fans who want a certain reptile. We talked about whether or not we would encounter it.
Jerk Gustafsson: For many of us here at MachineGames, Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of his great childhood moments and will never be forgotten.
It was a little scary at first, but as I started working on it, feeling the wonder, excitement, and awe I felt when I first saw the Raider, it started to evolve naturally.
Jerk Gustafsson: We developed the story outline in-house at MachineGames in collaboration with Todd Howard, who had long had the idea of ​​making a story-based game about a mysterious great circle.
Of course, we wanted to stay true to the character of Indiana Jones because that’s what’s most important to us, and his story is at this point, and this chapter is where Indiana Jones is. I wanted to make sure it fit the story.
When we begin the story, it’s almost a year after Raiders, and Indy is at this point, freshly broken up with Marion, seemingly lost again, and driven by his own work obsession. I wanted to know where it was.
How did you bring this Indy-esque sense of action and adventure into video game form?
Jerk Gustafsson: Our game philosophy is based on the Indiana Jones character.
The feeling of being a master archaeologist embarking on an adventure is perhaps the most important part of the experience of becoming Indiana Jones.
Jerk Gustafsson: First-person gameplay is part of Machine Games’ DNA, and how we can use this to create a truly immersive experience in the role of the world’s most famous archaeologist. I wanted to know.
However, we want to display as much indie as possible, allowing for seamless transitions between first-person gameplay and third-person action, events, and movies.

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