‘Law & Order : SVU’ Managers on Getting to Prepare 25 and “Superhuman” Mariska Hargitay

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SVU kicked off its groundbreaking 25th season by reuniting the band and celebrating the christening of Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Carisi’s (Peter Scanavino) baby.
NBC series, along with its Law & Order sibling drama and three Wednesday night Chicago dramas (all from Universal TV and Wolf Entertainment), are the first to return to the airwaves since the writers and cast strike ended. It is one of the scripted series (aside from a small number of strikes), an autumn drama whose episodes were saved before industrial action began). Peter Jankowski, president and chief operating officer of
Wolf Entertainment and executive producer of all six shows (including his FBI Triumvirate on CBS, which returns in February); says the company’s teams and each series’ showrunners had to start working quickly. Really seriously.
“A lot of the people who work at Wolf Entertainment have been with the company for so long that they just know what they’re capable of and what’s expected of them,” Jankowski said. he told The Hollywood Reporter.
In fact, we didn’t really have any conversations about where the show should go in any particular sense, macroeconomically. We talked about it late last year, but no concrete conversations took place.
I didn’t want to be the first, but I think I managed to be the first.
” Arthur Forney, head of post-production at Wolf Entertainment and also acts as EP on all shows, said there was also a wave of excitement about his return to work.
– The season premiere opened with a montage throughout the series of Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) reflecting on why she does what she does while attending her christening.
Forney and Jankowski have been with Wolf Entertainment since his SVU premiere in 1998 (Forney has also directed several episodes).
The show is, as Forney puts it, “in our DNA” and the series is still in the hands of Benson, whose lead Mariska Hargitay (who is also an EP member) a quarter of a century later. I also admire the way he continues to take command in his roles.
“SVU has an emotional energy that I’ve never had on a show before, and it all starts with Mariska,” Jankowski said.
” The investigation leads to a truly eerie place. Maddy’s likeness was used on a series of sex dolls designed to resemble the girl.
Benson and his friends discover another girl who has been missing for some time. However, the episode ends with Maddie still missing and her mother interrupting a hastily arranged press conference to announce the return of the other victim.
“Season by Season, Episode by Episode” , every show we do, we get to talk about one thing in an episode, and we remember what it is because the storytelling is all so unique.” said Forney.

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