Jesse Jane, a renowned adult film actress, passes away at the age of 43

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Jane starred in the highest-budget film series in adult film history.
Jessie Jane, a former Hooters waitress and beauty pageant contestant who later starred in the most expensive adult film series in history, was found dead in her Oklahoma home on Wednesday. With her long blonde hair, arched eyebrows, and bubbly personality,
Jane was a defining star of porn in the early 2000s, when the internet revolutionized the industry.
“She was a performer in an era when adult films were seen all over the world and advertising was huge,” porn industry spokesperson Brian Gross said in a text message to The New York Times. According to a 2006 interview with Ms.
, her family settled in the Oklahoma City area while her parents worked at Tinker Air Force Base. She eventually worked her way up to the organization’s regional training coordinator, after which she decided to become Hawaiian Tropic’s full-time bikini model.
Jane is best known for her work in the Pirates film series. In the series, he plays the first mate of a ragtag ship full of sailors chasing a group of evil pirates.
As the industry changes,
Jane’s work is no longer limited to pornography.
She was one of the rare porn stars to break into the Hollywood mainstream, including the 2004 reboot of Starsky and Hutch and her HBO series Entourage.
According to GQ, Jane moved back to Oklahoma.

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